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Fiber Cement Panels

The fiber cement panel design line is a range of through-coloured facade boards made of virtually maintenance-free fibre cement. Fibre cement is a natural product made of cement, water, minerals and fibre – and it is changing the way we design and build facades around the world thanks to its long-lasting, expressive qualities.

Wood Look Fiber Cement

Cembrit Plank and Cembrit Panel are inspired by nature’s own design – and created to keep your building safe from wear and tear, heat and cold. Made from resilient, maintenance-free fibre cement, Cembrit Plank and Cembrit Panel are the clever, beautiful and long-lasting alternative to wood. The unique facade solution combines the beloved wooden look with superior strength, protection and durability. All the stylish benefits. With less hassle. Made from natural materials, our planks and panels are literally designed to last you a lifetime. Addnature’s design. Add the strength of fibre cement. Add personality

Corrugated Sheets

Incorporating the latest technological advances, the fully accredited system of sheets allows designers to clad residential, agricultural or industrial buildings with fire-rated, sustainable material that has been in our built environment for decades. Manufactured using Portland cement together with a formulation of superior blended synthetic and cellulose fibres, reinforced with strengthening strips, Cembrit corrugated sheets are produced to the highest European standards. Cembrit Corrugated sheets comes in a variety of profiles, sizes and colours and for some types of sheets we offer reinforcements strips, mitred corners and pre-punched holes.

Revela Wall Panels

Due to the unique combination of PVC, with a high-quality top coat and tongue and groove , Revela wall panels are 100 % waterproof and water resistant when correctly installed in accordance with the installation instructions.Revela wall panels resist wet environments, are low maintenance and retain their look and feel in the long term.

Floor Panels Moodi

Moodi is the floor for bathrooms that want to excel in design, comfort and ease of maintenance. Thanks to the unique combination of PVC, a high-quality top coat and a tongue and groove installation, Moodi is 100% waterproof and moisture-resistant. Make a safe choice, down to the last detail.

LVT Floor

LVT flooring, (luxury vinyl tile), is the ideal combination of everything a flooring product should be – elegantly designed, highly durable, and easy to maintain. With LVT, you can authentically mirror the look of natural materials, but with a product that is built to withstand residential and commercial environments from the leading European manufacturer of Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) with over 35 years experience

Aluminum Foam

Aluminum Foam, is a versatile and unique material with virtually limitless design and architectural applications produced in the form of lightweight aluminum panels. As well as its unique appearance, it has sound-absorbing properties making it ideal for applications requiring both sound absorption and beauty.

Flexible Stone Marble

Is a natural stone. Incredibly thin. Incredibly light. Flexible Stone will offer customers an innovative product for the building industry. It is a natural stone designed to stand out as a unique product which opens up new, unlimited opportunities to apply on almost all surfaces.

Cement Panels

Is a revolutionary cement compound applied to different kinds of substrate, with the aim of obtaining a solid and material appearance, typical of exposed concrete, but able to surprise for its extreme lightness and ease of installation.

Sculptured Surface Panels

Sculptured surfaces are metal panels with three-dimensional decorations created with a unique manufacturing technique. Can be used in many applications for architecture and interior design: from cladding facades to false ceilings, from wall coverings to shielding architectural elements. The solid sheet panels are used for complete covering, while with perforated or ironed sheets, transparencies can be created, suitable for lighting, solar shading and ventilation. Aluminium panels, solid sheets, perforated sheets, galvanized steel, stainless steel, titanium zinc, brass and copper.

Cooper/Antibacterial safety

Antibacterial safety equipment with copper top layers made of aluminum foam

With the diverse product range of metal foam, completely new lightweight solutions can be realized in many areas. Our latest development is mobile partition walls with copper surfaces. Copper because it has an antimicrobial effect and makes smear infections very difficult. Special times require special measures.

Smart Glass

SMART Glass is a product line of smart glass technology solutions. Glass separations are a crucial element of contemporary design. Contemporary glass provides access to natural light and open views, but requires inconvenient blinds, curtains, or roller shades to gain privacy.