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UVC air disinfection
Against corona virus, bacteria and other gems

Why to choose UVC SteriWhite Air Q

  • 99,99% inactivation rate of viruses
  • Free from chemicals & ozone
  • Extremely quiet, no annoying air currents
  • Energy-efficient
  • Low-maintenance
  • Easy operation
  • Modern design
  • Made in Germany
  • UV systems technology since 1976

Why is it so important to disinfect room air?

effective method of reducing the germ load in the environment – and not only during the Corona pandemic!

SARS-CoV-2 viruses are primarily transmitted via aerosols emitted into the surrounding air when we breathe. UVC ambient air disinfection systems are an effective method of reducing the germ load in the environment – and not only during the Corona pandemic!

How does UVC disinfection work?

UVC work as antibacterial

When aerosols are exposed to UVC radiation with a wavelength of 254 nm, the viruses they contain (coronaviruses and influenza viruses, to name but a few), bacteria and mould spores are inactivated and rendered harmless.

The disinfection of the air and surfaces with UVC radiation safely and efficiently minimises the risk of infection with SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogens

The high disinfection power of UV radiation has been scientifically proven for decades, and its effect on coronaviruses has also been amply confirmed.

Chemical-free UVC disinfection has been used successfully for many years in food production, water treatment and health care (e.g. in hospitals and laboratories).


How does SteriWhite Air Q work?

highly efficient UVC system for air disinfection

SteriWhite Air Q is a highly efficient UVC system for air disinfection. Extremely low-noise fans actively
route the germ-laden air into the interior of the unit, where it flows past UV lamps. Air volume, flow
speed and UVC dosage are coordinated perfectly to achieve excellent inactivation rates.

SteriWhite Air Q was developed specifically for use in occupied rooms.
According to the values measured by an external lighting laboratory, the units fall within the category
free of risk as defined by DIN EN 62471 and thus pose no photobiological hazard.
• Produces neither ozone nor other harmful substances
• Safe housing
• Free of chemicals

SteriWhite Air models:
  • Q115
  • Q330
  • Q600
  • Q900

Advantages of UVC air disinfection over HEPA filters?

UVC air disinfection units do not require filter systems. No regular replacement of expensive filters is necessary. Replacing the UVC lamp is easy and only becomes necessary after approx. 16,000 operating hours. Depending on operation times, the lamps have to be changed only after a period of two to ten years.

SteriWhite Air Q – reliable air disinfection

With its elegant design and extremely quiet operation, the SteriWhite Air Q fits unobtrusively yet highly effectively into your rooms.

Where is SteriWhite Air Q used?

Due to their easy handling and high safety standard, the units can be used anywhere, in particular in
places where increased safety and low noise emissions are important, such as:
• Doctor’s surgeries, hospitals
• Offices, meeting rooms and welfare areas
• Health care facilities such as retirement and nursing homes
• Day nurseries, schools and educational institutions
• Reception and waiting areas
• The catering and hotel industry
• Stores and the retail trade
We also offer other units, which are used, for example, in production halls.

Technical data

Air cleansing concepts

Which SteriWhite Air Q units and how many units you require for your rooms depends on various factors. The table below provides an initial overview as an example. We would be happy to provide personal support in defining your exact requirements