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A smart solution for every project

 Moodi. A smart solution for every project. And any style. Moodi makes the most of every interior in a minimum of time. A quick and easy new look for your existing floor?
Or a unique design for your new building? Moodi offers endless possibilities.


100% waterproof flooring

Strong and indestructible. Creative and warm. Moodi will give you a unique floor in
no time with a strong wear resistance and colour quality. Browse through our brochure and be inspired by infinite options.

can even be installed in the bathroom

Moodi is the floor for bathrooms that want to excel in design, comfort and ease of maintenance. Thanks to the unique combination of PVC, a high-quality top coat and a tongue and groove installation, Moodi is 100% waterproof and moisture-resistant. Make a safe choice, down to the last detail.


Superfast installation

Moodi is quick and easy to install. Without breaking or stripping, no heavy equipment required. A sharp cutter knife is enough to create an astonishing result in no time.Without sawing, without dust.

25 years warranty

Moodi floors promise 25 years warranty 


ultimate floor comfort

The ultimate floor comfort, that’s what it’s all about. The clever combination of a sound-absorbing floor with superfast installation, lifelong quality and easy maintenance follows your rhythm so you can enjoy without a care.

easy maintenance

Don’t worry about your floor. Moodi repels dirt easily, is waterproof and very easy to maintain. Besides, your floor is hard-wearing and stays like new. No matter if you dance or jump, relax or sparkle with energy. Day in, day out.

natural beauty of all material

Moodi does justice to the natural  beauty of every material.The natural wood structure with matt finish and small V-joints creates an instant wow feeling.

rigid, uv resistant

The rigid structure makes Moodi easy to install on any substrate and prevents the underlying structure from becoming visible after a while. Besides, you also enjoy dimensional stability for life, in every situation and in every place. Also near windows or doors

noise reduction

noise reduction of 21 dB

You won’t find a quieter floor, the Moodi floor covering consists of an integrated acoustic underlay that absorbs impact sound. This makes Moodi not only quieter than other floors, but also gives you incredible walking comfort.

one size fits all easy

 The Moodi collection exists in one handy plank format: 125 × 22,9 × 0,55 cm. Nice and easy.

moodi: you see and feel the wood structure

Thanks to an innovative and advanced EIR (Embossed in Register) technology, 4 unique Moodi decors mimic the looks and texture of natural wood. Both in texture and in print. Just like wooden floor, the structure and knots are not only visible, but can also be felt. Pure natural authenticity

robust, strong, durable

Innovation has never been so strong … Moodi is designed for durability, ease of use and versatility. Although the panels only have a thickness of 5 mm, they are just
as strong as ceramic tiles. Besides, they offer better protection against scratches and at the same time their rigidity makes it possible to install the floor on an existing
tiled floor with joints.

Moodi Planks

Moodi Planks EIR