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Aluminium Foam
Aluminium Foam


Aluminum Foam, is a versatile and unique innovated material with virtually limitless design and architectural applications produced in the form of lightweight aluminum panels. As well as its unique appearance, it has sound-absorbing properties making it ideal for applications requiring both sound absorption and beauty.

Aluminum foam produced by injecting air into molten aluminum, along with a fine dispersion of ceramic particles.

These particles stabilize the bubbles formed by the air, much like dry cocoa powder stabilizes bubbles when it is added to milk. All Aluminum foam version types give truly a unique design element to any project.

The aluminum foam creates strong yet lightweight panels that are similar in appearance to a metallic sponge. It is visually striking, with a modern dramatic look.

The aluminum foam panels are produced with a proprietary continuous panel production process, which allows it to have many advantages.

It is lightweight and easy to install and is 100% recyclable.


· Modern and dramatic appearance

· 100% recyclable, and contains up to 100% + recycled content

· Acoustic Absorption Properties

· Non-Combustible with a flame spread of zero

· Highly corrosion resistant

· The strength, durability, and resilience of aluminum

· Wind load testing (164 mile per hour + / 263 km/hr+)

· Colors available: Luminous Silver color which can also be powder coated in limitless color choices


Technical Details

There are three basic version types of Aluminum Foam Stabilized:
• Small-Cell

• Medium-Cell

• Large-Cell

The higher the density, the smaller the cell size, the heavier and more robust the material is.
Basic version types are available with three different finishes, providing
a distinct look on both the top and the bottom surface of the panels:

  • Natural
  • Cells Open on One Side
  • Cells Open on Two Sides


Aluminum Foam makes a special and very unique design statement, in any project. From a feature wall to the entire exterior of a building, its metallic lustre offers a variety of distinctive finishes, which cannot be exactly reproduced. Aluminum Foam adds a signature touch to any work of architecture.

Aluminum Foam finishes may be used for creating designer ceilings, or fully finished ceilings which be produced to specific requirements.

Aluminum Foam is used as an indoor or outdoor signage in retail stores, hotels, private and public buildings. With the application of a marine-based powder, Aluminum Foam is readily adaptable to exterior applications.

Aluminum Foam is used in various forms in the retail sector, from display design to wall cladding. ALUSION™ enhances the ambiance. The unique look of Aluminum Foam lends itself to endless creative options.

Aluminum Foam is used as walls, tabletops, and floor stands for exhibits and stand design. The material can be used to construct an entire booth including the actual walls and the display fixtures



Stabilized Aluminum Foam has been used in the following applications:
• Facades

• Interior Wall Cladding

• Showroom Displays

• Restaurants and Bars

• Offices and Apartment Buildings

• Ceiling Tiles

• Flooring

• Signs

• Lighting

• Exhibits

The applications are endless. The results are amazing

Qualities of Designium panels

Beyond its unique, futuristic appearance, this is a surprisingly light design material, extremely easy to form, cut and install.

Available sizes

Our Designium aluminium foam panels are available in 1 m x 2m boards. The panels are 17mm thick and the size of the bubbles varies from 15 to 25 mm. However, we are happy to meet individual needs. If you have special requests, do not hesitate to contact us.


Our aluminium foam panels are easy to work with, they can be cut with an angle grinder or a saw. If you want more special shapes – letters for instance –, we recommend laser or water jet cutting.

Heat Insulation

The aluminium foam reflects sunlight, significantly decreasing summer heat. However, it cannot be applied for traditional heat insulation.

Save Energy

Yes, if you use it as an outdoor shader because it can significantly reduce summer heat, thus the energy needed to cool the building.


Our aluminium foam panels resist even severe weather. They resist corrosion, rain, ice and snow. They are thus a perfect choice not only for the inside but also the outside of buildings – to provide shade or to be used on facades.


Since the panels have many advantageous qualities – they do not warp, are extremely light, prevent peeping while letting the light in –, they are a great choice for decorating fences.


Due to its unique attributes, our aluminum foam panels are especially adequate for revetting facades. Our aluminium foam panels have a product certificate for use as building material.

Lighting Transparent

The panels can be open on both sides, thus let through and filter the light. A unique light effect may be created by lighting them from behind. This attribute makes them perfect choice for partitions or as raw material for interior decoration and outdoor shaders.

Painted aluminium foam

It may be coloured with any aluminium compatible paint, but we also offer panels in unique colours (RAL). If you have special requests, do not hesitate to contact us.

Modernise an older house

Our aluminium foam panels are perfect for the easy revetment of all buildings, old, new or under construction. Our fixing system may be used to hide an intermediate layer of insulation, during the reconstruction of older buildings, for example.

Protected from graffiti

If necessary, our aluminium foams may be equipped with a special antigraffiti layer.





ALUMINUM FOAM can be used in the water, in the air and on land

The very light and comparably stable aluminum foam is an important material for lightweight constructions in industries and areas where there are high, but cost-effective requirements for the material and at the same time the energy factor should be optimised, for example, through a reduction in weight.

Noise reduction

It can be used in the following places: urban tracks and traffic line, overhead roads, railway roads, cloverleaf intersections, cooling towers, outdoors high voltage direct current converter stations, and concrete mixing sites and so on. And it can conduct sound-shielding function by sucking in sound, isolating sound, and eliminating sound to equipment like diesel engines, generators, electric motors, freezers, air compressors, ustulation hammers, and blowers and so on.

Protection from explosions, fire and ballistics

Aluminum foam systems are suitable for usage in personal and building protection. These systems are distinguished by their effect as explosion protection as well as their resistance to fire. Through the cellular structure of the aluminum foam, it is capable to convert large quantities of kinetic energy into deformation energy.



Buildings, containers and vehicles can be equipped faster, lighter and therefore less expensively through the use of aluminum foam sandwiches.

  • Prevention / protective measures
  • Minimise terror damage
  • Minimisation of personal and property damage

Safety vests & helmets


Classifications/Application areas


  • Non-flammable, fulfils fire safety requirement (DIN EN 45545-2)
  • No toxic gases (DIN EN 45545-2)
  • Achieves fire resistance classes,
    for example, E30 (DIN EN 13501-2,
    DIN EN 1363-1)
  • Transport packaging for explosives
    (UN 6A, 6B, 6C)

Application areas

  • SOC equipment
  • Airports
  • Power plants
  • Central registration facilities
  • Embassies, consulates
  • Logistics facilities in critical regions
  • Vehicles e.g. armoured vehicles
  • Security buildings e.g. control centres, police stations
  • Military equipment

Quick protection made of aluminum foam for safety-relevant areas

The initial situation · Mobile, fast and effective security solutions in public areas are becoming increasingly important for personal protection.

Example scenario: A manless suitcase is found in an airport terminal and the environment has to be secured as quickly as possible. In the case of a serious threat, there is as yet no genuine immediate measure to protect people and property.

The solution · In the future, a mobile safety room made of aluminum foam can be used precisely in this case, and the danger can be effectively mitigated within a few seconds. The elements are freely combinable to a mobile safety room from 3 to 6 walls.

The material · Aluminum foam panels of 10 mm to 50 mm thickness, depending on the application, in the form of individual walls on a stand system with castors.


  • Can be used as an immediate protection measure for the protection of irreproachable items
  • In the case of an explosion, the aluminum foam absorbs the explosive force substantially
  • A possible explosive effect on the surrounding environment can be effectively reduced
  • Elements are built up within a few seconds
  • Walls may e.g. can be provided with advertising as a room divider, “camouflaged” as a decorative element, and thus, if necessary, refinanced
  • Fast availability on the spot