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Timeless Design

LVT Floors offer comprehensive and stunning flooring collections that reflect current trends, with elegant and timeless designs. Whether you are looking at flooring for your Home, Retail, Hospitality or Commercial environment, LVT Floors has timeless design’s to meet any sector. With LVT Floors high-end luxury flooring we offer endurance, quality and a unique appearance with exceptional designs. Sovereign RE is our premium registered emboss range giving a more natural wood appearance, SovereignRE also has painted bevels on all four edges to complete the look. Samples of all our products are available to order on our website.


Flexible Service

LVT Floors have half and full pallets in our Belgium warehouse available for immediate delivery to bridge the gap before containers arrive from our factory, having this stock available ensures we will be able to deliver orders to your clients quickly if timescales are limited. Mixed containers are available to order from our factory giving you more product flexibility. LVT Floors have marketing tools for you to use such as display stands, handsets and catalogues, these marketing tools are available in multi languages. LVT Floors also have an international team that are able to communicate in several languages, we pride ourselves on reacting very quickly to requests.

Quality Controlled

LTV Floors products adhere to stringent Quality Control. All ranges are tested to the current EN ISO standards for flooring and is our minimum requirement, test results in many areas far exceed EN standards which allows for the production of a technically excellent products. As well as a comprehensive factory QC systems, LVT Floors employ additional QC staff specializing in European distribution, with additional inspections and testing independent of the production QC staff, offering an extra reassurance to our customers. LVT Floors has a robust EU based technical department to answer any questions and is able to quickly deal with any issues after installation, in the unlikely event they should arise.


Lifetime Guarantee

LTV Floors products gives a guarantee that all batches produced are inspected from the beginning of the process with the films being checked for any colour variation. All our products are controlled within tight, strict and rigid standards.

Our Ranges

LVT Floors high performance self-adhesive and click-down ranges are ideal for commercial and domestic use. Our MonarchMonarchSPSovereign and SovereignRE range are click-down systems. Majestik flooring has a self adhesive layer to provide reusability and versatility.



Monarch click-down system is perfect for residential and light commercial use.


MonarchSP click-down has an acoustic silent pad insulation layer, most suitable for residential and light commercial areas and is available exclusively from our Belgium distribution centre.


Majestik self-adhesive is ideal for hospitality, exhibitions and raised access flooring in commercial and residential use. Majestik Tiles ‘Everest, Fawn, Hawk and Mocha’ are available exclusively from our Belgium distribution centre.


Sovereign is great for residential and commercial use.


SovereignRE is an in-register click-down system with a larger bevel that is ideal for residential and commercial use and is available exclusively from our Belgium distribution centre.

Monarch:1220mm x 181mm

MonarchSP:1220mm x 181mm

Majestik::1219mm x 184mm

Sovereign:1220mm x 181mm Angle Drop Lock

Monarch:305mm x 610mm

MonarchSP:940mm x465mm

Majestik:610mm x 305mm, 457mm x 457mm

Sovereign:940mm x 465mm, 610mm x 465mm Angle Drop Lock

SovereignRE Plank:

1520mm x 228mm


635mm x 127mm Four Sided Drop Lock